Case Studies

Historic High-Rise | Southern California

Pinhole Leaks in Historic Downtown Loft High-Rise

Units: 150+
Stories: 11
Built: 1920’s

Problem: Corrosive water caused pinhole leaks in the domestic plumbing system
Solution: The Renew solution was applied within the building’s copper piping system, with the protective layer preserving the structural integrity of the pipes.

Before Renew: This downtown historic property experienced 7 leaks in the previous 15 months due to water quality corroding the domestic copper pipes. Management was interested in a long-term solution without the cost of a complete pipe replacement.

After Renew: The Renew solution began in early 2017 in the building’s copper pipes, and the property has experienced no pinhole leaks since treatment began.

Two Towers | Maryland

Modest Leaks With Riser Replacement Program

Units: 220+
Stories: 8
Built: 1960’s

Problem: Water quality corroding domestic plumbing resulting in pinhole leaks.
Solution: Application of the Renew solution on the domestic hot water plumbing system installed in the boiler room and supplied to both towers.

Before Renew:  This property was having 2-3 pinhole leaks per month and was replacing 3-5 risers per year.  The failures were increasing.  Management was interested in addressing the current leaks and stopping the expensive riser replacement.

After Renew: The property installed Renew in June 2014 and has not experienced any pinhole leaks or replaced any risers since treatment began.

Garden-Style Apartments | New Mexico

Expensive Slab Leaks

Units: 240+
Stories: 13 buildings, 2 floors
Built: 1980’s

Problem: Water quality corroding domestic hot water plumbing resulting in pinhole leaks under concrete slabs, which were very expensive to fix.
Solution: Application of the Renew solution on the domestic hot water plumbing system for the property.

Before Renew: This community was suffering from approximately 6 pinhole leaks per year, and growing. The leaks were typically in domestic hot water pipes underneath concrete slabs, so repair required excavation – a very disruptive & extremely expensive process. The water in the region is particularly corrosive, and the owner wanted a solution to stop the slab leaks that was more economical and effective than pipe replacement without disrupting residents or water service.

After Renew: We began treating the property in September 2015 at 2 boiler rooms and the client has not experienced any new slab leaks since the installation.

High-Rise Apartments | Maryland

Daily Pinhole Leaks

Units: 400+
Stories: 22
Built: 1960’s

Problem: Poor water quality was corroding the domestic plumbing resulting in frequent pinhole leaks.
Solution: Application of the Renew solution on the domestic hot water plumbing system.

Before Renew: This property was experiencing over 30 pinhole leaks per month in the supply lines, the 125+ risers and within the units.  Staff was often just clamping the leaks to keep up.

After Renew: Began treating in June 2014 and reduced leaks immediately down to 0-3 per month.  Remaining leaks are lining up along a few structurally failed risers, which will have sections replaced.