The Benefits of Renew:

Cost Effective:

Renew delivers significant value compared to epoxy lining or repiping and has a fraction of the upfront cost of those solutions.  Renew is designed to provide a return on investment within the first year by eliminating repair and maintenance costs and delivering long-term value to the client.  Renew extends the life of your piping system by stopping corrosion, leaks and unplanned maintenance.

Non-Invasive Process:

Renew is completely non-invasive and does not require any disruption of the water service, opening of walls or floors or disturbance of individual units. Installation can be completed in a day and pipe protection begins immediately.

Effective Treatment:

Renew works by establishing a protective layer on the inside wall of your pipes. The protection prevents pinhole leaks and stops further corrosion of the pipe. Renew also reduces the build-up of minerals and scale in your pipes. This helps control the leaching of lead and other toxic materials from your piping system into the water supply. It improves water discoloration and helps solve odor and taste issues. For over 80 years, utilities have used anti-corrosives such as sodium silicate to address corrosion in their systems.

Turnkey Solution:

The Renew team provides turnkey service so property management and maintenance staff are freed up, not burdened by the treatment.

Scientifically Validated:

Silicates have been used by municipal water authorities for over 80 years to prevent corrosion. They have also been used by the food service industry to refine vegetable oils, process eggs and clarify beer and wine. The additive used by Renew has been acknowledged by the FDA/EPA/AWWA and certified by the NSF. Low amounts of additive are used, putting the silica level well below that of some popular bottled waters sold commercially.