What is Renew Sodium Silicate?

Inhibiting Corrosion—the Soluble Silicate Solution

SageWater Renew provides an ongoing, managed solution to stop and control corrosion in domestic copper and steel plumbing pipes in multi-family and commercial properties, including apartments and condos.  The technique of using sodium silicates to control pipe corrosion has been used by municipal water authorities for over 80 years in the United States and in many cases the use of silicates or other anti-corrosives is required by the EPA.  SageWater Renew is a non-disruptive solution to stop pinhole leaks and pipe corrosion in plumbing for property owners who want to extend the life of their plumbing system.  Renew is a fraction of the cost of alternatives such as epoxy lining and repipe, and Renew typically has a payback within the first year.

The EPA recommends silicates for pipe corrosion control, the FDA has ruled that sodium silicate is safe for human consumption and the American Water Works Association and the Army Corps of Engineers both endorse sodium silicates as direct additives to potable water.  All additives used by SageWater Renew have been certified to NSF 60 and NSF 61 Standards.

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