Five Signs It’s Time to Protect Your Plumbing

Plumbing problems at multi-family properties are often obvious, but some issues can hide in plain sight. Determining how to address plumbing problems is a difficult task, and often requires additional context. 

When the property is old and you know the pipes have a limited life, then it’s only a matter of time before you must replace the pipes. Property owners can choose to simply wait for the end of life and replace the plumbing, or they can choose to pro-actively extend the life of the pipes. Anti-corrosion systems like Renew are successful in slowing down the deterioration of plumbing systems for owners who are trying to buy some time. Below are five signs that tell you that Renew may be the best solution to your plumbing problems.

  • Little Available Capital –
  • If the property doesn’t have funds set aside for a repipe, then the owner may need to buy time to reserve the needed capital. An anti-corrosion program can give an owner time to accumulate the funds for a repipe. 

  • Recurring Leaks –
  • Leaky pipes are disruptive to residents and maintenance staff, and repair costs can mean erratic margins. Renew corrosion control can minimize disruption to residents and it typically pays for itself within the first year.  

  • Ancillary Signs of Deterioration –
  • Even if leaks aren’t prevalent at a property, other problems such as valves corroding open/shut or water being discolored, can foreshadow lurking pipe failures. Corrosion treatment can prevent the situation from escalating.    

  • Old Pipes on Borrowed Time –
  • If your pipes have been in place for more than 30 or 40 years, then it’s just a matter of time before problems begin to accelerate. An anti-corrosion program allows owners to stall deteriorating pipes and delay further issues.

  • Special Units or Special Tenants –
  • Certain types of properties and/or tenants may lead owners to seek plumbing solutions that are non-invasive. For example, units with old plaster ceilings and walls or custom tile are especially difficult to repair if walls need to be opened. Similarly, older or medically fragile residents can be challenging to relocate if work must be performed within units. Corrosion treatment can be delivered at the water main without disrupting residents or entering units, or opening walls.

With Renew corrosion control, property owners can extend the life of their plumbing systems and delay the acceleration of problems. This proactive approach prevents further corrosion of the pipes and is a powerful and economical way to get more time out of your current infrastructure. If you’re experiencing any of these signs at your multi-family property, consider an anti-corrosion system, as it can save you money, reduce disruption and can buy you some time. Call today for a free assessment: 800-616-8805.