Safety & Health

The SageWater Renew solution uses a sodium silicate additive. It has been proven both safe and effective at treating pipe corrosion in public water systems.

  • Soluble silicates are effective, economical and a non-invasive alternative to epoxy lining.
  • Silicates have been used by utilities for over 80 years to prevent corrosion.
  • They have also been used by the foodservice industry to refine vegetable oils, process eggs, and clarify beer and wine.
  • Most water utilities use anti-corrosives, such as sodium silicate, and customers can measure trace amounts of silicate at the faucet.
  • Silicates are endorsed as direct additives to potable water by the American Water Works Association and the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Our Silicate has been certified to ANSI/NSF Standards 60/61.
  • The EPA recommends silicates for corrosion control in the National Primary Drinking Water Regulation.
  • The FDA has ruled that sodium silicate is not hazardous for ingestion and is safe for human consumption, without limitation.

AWWA    EPA    FDA        US Army Corps of Engineers