Four Options for Plumbing Repair

Pipes will fail over time; it’s just the laws of science and nature at work. No matter how complicated your plumbing problems may be, there are four options toward resolution. Below we’ve outlined the pros and cons to each.

1. React to Failures

By far the most common approach to pipe problems is to do nothing and continue to react to failures. Fix the leaks as they occur and hope that no incidents are disastrous. This approach may cost the least today, but it is the most expensive over time and eventually has the greatest disruption to management and residents. Operating and capital budgets may get drained along the way, unpredictably.

2. Replace the Plumbing

When the leaks get too expensive, too frequent or too disruptive, you have no choice but to replace the plumbing. Some owners may decide to replace only the worst sections or possibly only the most damaged systems, but eventually plumbing systems corrode and fail and will need to be replaced. This option applies to domestic plumbing, hydronic systems and waste pipes, and sometimes owners decide to replace multiple systems at once to save on mobilization, demolition and disruption costs.

3. Epoxy Lining

If access to the failing pipes is limited or there are demolition concerns with asbestos or plaster walls, then epoxy lining may be an alternative. The scope of this solution can be limited by pipe diameter or system configuration, and can be just as expensive as a re-pipe, but with shorter expected life. The success of an epoxy lining project can also be highly dependent on workmanship, which can cause the solution to fail prematurely.

4. Corrosion Control

A more reasonable solution is applying corrosion control to the plumbing system. This is the approach used by utilities for over 90 years to protect their miles of pipes that supply their customers. Renew’s corrosion control system offers multifamily properties this same utility-grade corrosion control to protect their pipes on premises. The Renew solution can be the most economical. It can address plumbing failures fully and quickly, has a low upfront cost, doesn’t require access to units, installs in a day and has a moderate, predictable monthly costs. Call SageWater Renew today at 800-616-8805 for a free consultation and find out if corrosion control is the solution to your plumbing problems.