How to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing System

Apartment, Condo and Multifamily Water Leak and Pipe Corrosion Prevention

It starts with a wet spot on the wall or ceiling. The resident call comes into the leasing office with a tone of irritation and frustration. Property management notifies all apartment residents within the affected area that the water needs to be turned off for a few hours to fix a pipe leak. With more residents working and learning from home, this disruption can be a major inconvenience and highlights the property’s failing plumbing infrastructure.

There may be short periods without leaks, but over time the usage and composition of your water is degrading your pipes. What you really need is to buy some time, stop the pipe leaks, water interruptions and unpredictable expenses.

Pipe corrosion control, like Renew, has been used to preserve pipes for more than 90 years and is used by most water utilities in the U.S. today. This same sodium silicate approach to pipe corrosion control can also be used by apartment, condo and multifamily properties to extend the life of plumbing systems and stop further decay of the pipes. Renew’s sodium silicate solution is completely non-invasive, installs quickly, addresses the problem right away and is safe to use.

Pipe corrosion control systems create a protective layer inside your pipes, protecting from the corrosive interaction between your plumbing and the water. These systems don’t repair pipes or add structure, rather they suspend the decaying process as long as corrosion control is used.

SageWater Renew has been offering pipe corrosion control solutions to apartment and condo communities since 2014. Renew is an affordable, non-invasive solution for property owners and managers who need another decade or two of life out of their plumbing system. Renew costs a fraction of epoxy pipe lining solutions and typically pays for itself in the first year.

So, stop letting your pipes cause irritation for property managers and residents and take a proactive approach to your plumbing health. Contact us today at 800-616-8805 or fill out the form for a free consultation.