A Plumbing Solution for Buying or Selling an Apartment Property

A Cost-Effective & Efficient Way to Address Aging Plumbing

Maintenance logs are among the first documents requested when an apartment property is being sold. Extensive plumbing repair bills and erratic repair costs can be red flags. Buyers seek predictability when purchasing a new property, which is a key component of setting financial expectations for themselves and their lenders.

Sellers should assume that plumbing problems will be identified through the due diligence process. For property owners with aging pipes, at Renew, we have seen them use corrosion control systems to eliminate or significantly reduce their plumbing failures leading up to a sale.  Our solution reduces the cost of plumbing maintenance and can make the costs more predictable. In fact, several of our client properties have successfully sold within one-to-two years following initiation of Renew’s corrosion control program. Some properties have now been sold multiple times with our systems in place. Learn more about how Renew has helped sellers in this case study.

For Buyers, understanding the benefits and low cost of corrosion control can help close a deal.  Buyers who identify aging plumbing in an apartment property, can spec a cost-effective treatment solution before they close a transaction. Solutions like Renew can be used to reduce plumbing maintenance costs and increase predictability of cash flow on a proforma basis. Further, savvy Buyers may even be able to negotiate more attractive purchase terms. Learn more about how Renew has helped buyers in this case study.

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