Essential Property Maintenance Strategies During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted all of our lives in one way or another.  One thing is certain: our shifting lifestyles of managing work, school, and life within our homes has forced us to spend much more time indoors, increasing the stress on building infrastructure.

The following tips can help you manage your multifamily property safely and effectively during the pandemic: 

1. Implement a cost-effective and flexible preventive maintenance strategy

We understand that budgets are limited right now, and that properties are delaying capital spending on longer-term building improvements. However, there are state and local mandates for essential resident services that must be met. These mandates determine what essential services and maintenance repairs need to be addressed right away – particularly guaranteed safe access to water, heating, and plumbing.

Many companies, including SageWater Renew, provide flexible payment options and cost-effective solutions to provide immediate support for essential building services. 

2. Adopt Non-Intrusive Approaches to Building Maintenance

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, properties need to be as non-invasive and non-intrusive as possible.

Proactively work with tenants to develop an effective preventative maintenance plan to help ensure the safety of both your staff and residents. Follow CDC guidelines, including asking tenants to keep the required distance from maintenance staff while entering resident homes.

Also, providing protective gear for your maintenance team, including gloves, face covering or masks, and booties to cover shoes, will help ensure peace of mind and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

SageWater Renew’s anti-corrosion delivery solution is a non-intrusive solution to stop plumbing leaks. Our hassle-free installation and remotely-monitored intelligent delivery system protects your pipes from corrosion and lead-leaching with minimal resident interaction required. 

3. Build Resident Confidence Through Proactive Communication

Communicating early and often with residents through regular property updates not only creates a cadence, it also builds trust between tenants and property management. Leverage local, state, and federal resources to prevent misinformation, particularly as social media exerts a larger role in our day to day lives. With summer upon us, it’s crucial for residents to understand usage and cleaning protocols for common areas and amenities such as pools, grills, and gyms, as well as guidelines for group gatherings. 

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Our non-invasive and cost-effective Renew solution can safely be installed at your property in a day. All it takes is a small, metered feed of our safe and effective water additive delivered directly into your water supply to help eliminate plumbing leaks and repairs at your property.

In fact, our intelligent delivery system monitors additive levels and alerts us of any changes in system performance, providing additional peace of mind for maintenance staff and property managers.

Renew's intelligent delivery system picks up where the utility leaves off - with the same utility-grade additive, we install a non-invasive intelligent delivery system customized to protect your property from pinhole and slab leaks while also preventing copper and lead leaching and safeguarding your residents from harmful water contaminants.