Buy Some Time During COVID

Apartment, Condo and Multifamily Water Leak Repair and Corrosion Prevention

Many residents, property managers and owners are hypersensitive to contact with others as signs point to a slow return to normal. However, even as the virus gets under control with increased vaccine availability, we can expect heightened awareness of germs and sensitivity to strangers entering our homes.

With more people working from home part or full time, building infrastructure is straining and degrading faster than ever. Plumbing failures accelerate as faucets, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers work overtime. Fixing a pipe leak requires the water to be shut off to the building, a cluster of buildings or even the entire property. This can be disruptive to residents and calls attention to possible problems with the owner’s long-term plumbing maintenance plan.

For properties with a lingering uneasiness about having service technicians entering units to address pipe leaks, a quick fix is needed until the pipes can be replaced. Corrosion control can buy a property owner time until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

With a pipe corrosion control system, you can stop further decline in your water pipes right away and avoid putting residents at further risk. Pipe corrosion control, like Renew, has been used to preserve water pipes for more than 90 years and is used by most water utilities in the U.S. today. This same sodium silicate approach to pipe corrosion control can also be used by apartment, condo and multifamily properties to extend the life of plumbing systems and stop further decay of the pipes. Renew’s sodium silicate solution is completely non-invasive, installs quickly, addresses the problem right away and is safe to use.

SageWater Renew has been offering pipe corrosion control solutions to apartment and condo communities since 2014. Renew does not require opening of walls or access to units to setup and its protection begins right away. Renew costs a fraction of epoxy pipe lining solutions and typically pays for itself in the first year. So, buy yourself some more time and take a proactive approach to your degrading plumbing. Contact us today at 800-616-8805 or fill out the form for a free consultation.